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The black rider - Lord of the Rings Poster

The black rider - Lord of the Rings Poster

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Embark on a journey through Middle Earth's shadowy realms with Posterwa's captivating "The Black Rider - Lord of the Rings" poster! Feel the ominous presence of the Nazgûl as they ride forth in search of the One Ring, their haunting figures rendered in exquisite detail on glossy 300 GSM Gold Coin Paper. This poster, printed with our highest quality printer, transports you to the heart of Tolkien's epic saga, where darkness and heroism collide in a timeless battle. Let the allure of the Ringwraiths and the thrill of adventure beckon you into the world of fantasy and fandom. It's not just a poster; it's a gateway to Middle Earth's mysteries.

The Product Measurements are:

  • A3 Poster: 318 mm X 457 mm 300 GSM Glossy Paper
  • A4 Poster: 159 mm X 228 mm 300 GSM Glossy Paper
  • Black Framed Poster: 304 mm X 457 mm 300 GSM Glossy Paper with Black Fiberglass
  • Pocket Poster: 63 mm X 91 mm 300 GSM Glossy paper (Can be used behind your Phone Case)

The Poster is sent in Cute Unique Doodle Printed Triangular Box which doesn’t require any Gift Wrap.

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